Korean celebrities are turning to YouTube to connect with broader fanbase and share a glimpse of their personal life, such as spending time with their loved ones and pets, and behind the scenes at concerts, fan meetings and magazine photoshoots. Some, like singer IU plays the role of a TV show host and interviews guests on her channel. Others, like actress Han Ye Seul, share with fans her favorite recipes, styles, shops and brands. Whatever they choose to share, they’re great influencers to K-pop and K-drama fans. To help you navigate the best of Korean celebrity YouTube channels, we’ve made the ultimate list of popular Korean celebrities who are also YouTubers.

We’ve included nearly every celebrity with a YouTube account at the moment, listed based on subscriber count. Most of their YouTube videos have English subtitles. We’ve noted in each section in case they don’t. Take a look at the most popular Korean celebrity YouTubers!

Celebrities with 1~5 Million Subscribers


YouTube channel: Lee Ji Geum [IU Official]

The most popular Korean celebrity YouTube channel is IU‘s! IU hosts a talk show and interviews Lee Seung Gi in the video above, talking about their upcoming albums. IU also interviews her blood-related brother and sister in funny and candid interviews. You can watch IU get frustrated with online shopping, touched by fans behind the scenes of her 12th debut anniversary and much more. Subscribe to IU’s channel and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with her down-to-earth personality and authentic everyday life. By the way, ICYMI, IU’s birth name, Ji Geum, means now in Korean.

Blackpink Lisa

YouTube channel: Lilifilm Film

The Blackpink member shares mostly hot dance performances on her channel, calling them Lili’s films. Lisa’s channel is a must-watch to all aspiring K-pop stars!

EXO Baekhyun

YouTube channel: Baekhyun

Follow the EXO member Baekhyun to get to know his 7-year-old corgi named Mong Ryong, his family, his sense of humor, favorite foods and much more.

Mamamoo Solar

YouTube channel: solarsido

The Mamamoo member in her popular channel Solarsido shares her personal life to a great extent, and they’re so funny to watch. Have you ever wondered what kind of foods they serve at JYP Entertainment’s cafeteria? You can see all the healthy and delicious looking options in the video above. Apink and Mamamoo mukbang video is also really cute and worth checking out.

EXO Chen

YouTube channel: CHEN

The EXO member mostly shares videos of himself singing in the studio, where we assume he spends most of his time. Covers by Chen are a great playlist, especially if you’re a K-drama OST fan.


YouTube channel: HyunAing

K-pop star HyunA shares her go-to red lip makeup, dance moves and workout regimes on her channel, where her long-time boyfriend Dawn is a regular guest. For one thing, doesn’t this couple look so cute together in the cover photo above?

AKMU Lee Su Hyun

YouTube channel: Leesuhyun (Previously known as Mochi Peach)

The AKMU vocalist is so cute with her bubbly personality and beautiful voice. Given that she’s a self-proclaimed makeup lover and for a reason, she shares some pretty good makeup tips. We can’t recommend her GRWM videos highly enough. She also shares cute anecdotes and covers popular songs. For instance, she sings Naomi Scott’s “Speechless” from the movie “Aladdin” in the video above.

Amber Liu (f(x))

YouTube channel: Amber Liu

Amber is the kind of K-pop star you’d want as a friend. She’s charismatic in music videos, and so fun to watch in vlogs. The Tour Diaries and Stupid Questions episodes are worth checking out to really get to know her. In this video, the Taiwanese American singer shares a clip of herself making out with a friend to her friends, including singers Ailee and Eric Nam. In 2019, exactly 10 years after joining the K-pop group f(x), Amber left SM Entertainment, signed with Steel Wool Entertainment and released a six-song EP titled “X.”

“I chose ‘X’ as my album title because it commemorates the 10th anniversary of my career,” she said. “I wanted to pay tribute to all the fans who have known me since day one or who have just got to know me,” Amber told SCMP.

Sandara Park (2NE1)

YouTube channel: DARA TV

The former 2NE1 member Sandara Park has a huge YouTube channel with over a million subscribers. Her most popular video is set in the Philippines and stars Sandara, as known as the Pambansang Krung-Krung by her Filipino fans, and her brother Thunder (MBLAQ).

Shin Se Kyung

YouTube channel: Shin Se Kyung sjkuksee

Actress Shin Se Kyung‘s days are quotidian yet so lovely. She shares fresh flowers in her house, her puppies Jin Guk and Sarang, and her baking recipes.

Girl’s Day Hyeri

YouTube channel: Hyeri (hyeri0609)

The Girl’s Day member shares getting her ears pierced for the first time at age 27, hanging out with her sister Lee Hyerim and mom, and behind the scenes of her game show “DoReMi Market,” which you can watch above.

Korean Celebrity YouTubers with 100K~900K Subscribers

Apink Bomi

YouTube channel: Bom Bom Bom

mukbang + comeback day 밀착취재 from day to night – makeup videos The Apink member

Han Ye Seul

YouTube channel: Han Ye Seul is

Actress Han Ye Seul‘s real life is quite literally that of actress Cheon Song Yi’s in “My Love from the Star.” Her taste in fashion, interior decor and the arts is amazing, and she shares really good recipes that are healthy yet yummy! Ye Seul also shows her fans the best of Seoul.

Park Min Young

YouTube channel: Just Parkminyoung

Learn how to make spicy, crunchy kimchi with actress Park Min Young. She stars in Netflix mystery show “Busted!” Season 3.


YouTube channel: Hyolin 효린

Hyolin, previously a girl group Sistar member, is now under the management of her own self-started production company Bridʒ, and she also has a YouTube channel! Her covers of Stephanie Poetri’s “I Love You 3000” and Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco’s “Lonely” are popular, and so is her home workout video.

Epik High

YouTube channel: Official Epik High

Get to know the band and also listen to their hour-long playlists while getting work done.


YouTube channel: The Bang Family

The idol rapper has a super funny reality show style channel with his two older sisters, one of whom is actor Go Eun Ah, and his nephews are regular guests.

Girls’ Generation Jessica

YouTube channel: Jessica Land

The Girls’ Generation member invites her sister Krystal Jung of f(x) over for many of the videos. Here the Jung sisters are filming their first TikTok, acting like big goofballs which is super adorable.

Kang Min Kyung

YouTube channel: Kang Min Kyung (iammingki)

Singer Kang Min Kyung, who is one half of the duo Davichi, has a great taste in interior decor and fashion. Subscribe to also check out her dogs and pop song covers.

CLC Sorn

YouTube channel: Produsorn

The CLC member tries delicious Thai food with Blackpink Lisa, CLC Elkie and (G)-IDLE Minnie in this cute video. Sorn, Lisa and Minnie are Thai, and Elkie is from Hong Kong.

iKON Song Yunhyeong

YouTube channel: Songchelin Guide

The iKON member Yunhyeong loves food so much so that his channel is a wordplay on the famous Michelin Guide. Here he tries halal foods with a Muslim fan. Take a look!

Kim Na Young

Comedian turned entertainer Kim Na Young shares her adorable kids as well as fashion contents. She has a great style, her outfits are really cute, and she’s just so passionate about fashion. So we highly recommend her channel if you’re info fashion as well, especially the episodes where she goes into stores like Maison Margiela, Gucci and Acne Studios to try on the new arrivals. She’s one of the few celebrities who shares her YouTube earnings and donates them to charity. English subtitles available.

YouTube channel: No Filter TV

Super Junior Kim Hee Chul

YouTube channel: KimHeeChul

The Super Junior band member Heechul sounds like a comedian on his channel. Kyuhyun also has a channel of his own, as you can see below!

Super Junior Kyuhyun

YouTube channel: KyuTV

Kyuhyun must love spending time with his nephews, as he seems to babysit them all the time!


YouTube channel: Haha PD

Singer and show host Haha loves to hang out with his costars from MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” and SBS’s “Running Man.” In this video, Ha Dong Hoon invites his “Running Man” costar Kim Jong Kook for a fire noodles mukbang.

N.Flying Hun and Jaehyun

YouTube channel: 2 Idiots

Check out N.Flying‘s cover of the popular Chinese cat song, “Xiao Pan Pan and Xiao Feng Feng.”

Ahn Bo Hyun

YouTube channel: Bravo Hyun

South Korean actor Ahn Bo Hyun of the Netflix series “Itaewon Class” has a YouTube channel, where he chronicles his days as you can see in this “Last day of filming ‘Itaewon Class'” video (No English subtitles available).

Apink Eunji

YouTube channel: Jung Eun Ji | EUNJI

Jung Eun Ji, member of the girl group Apink, uploads videos of her pop song covers, food recipes, unboxing gifts and working out.

Girls’ Generation Sooyoung

YouTube channel: the sootory

Choi Soo Young of Girls’ Generation hangs out with her girls, goes golfing and interviews actors Byun Yo Han, Yoo Hee Jae and Choi Won Young in her channel.

Oh My Girl Hyojung

YouTube channel: Jungyi Unni

Korean singer Hyojung of Oh My Girl covers pop songs, cooks and shares fun things to do at home, having gotten a place of her own recently. No English subtitles available.

Lee Ha Nui

YouTube channel: What’s Up Hanee (haneelee)

Lee Ha Nee, a Miss Universe turned actress (3rd runner-up in 2007), loves trying out new things. Some of her popular videos are about learning to drink tea the Korean way (Korean tea ceremony called dado), a yoga teacher training course she took in Bali for a month, and upcycling old clothes with her friend and actress Gong Hyo Jin in Hyo Jin’s art studio.

Yoon Seung Ah

YouTube channel: Yoon Seung-a

Actress Yoon Seung Ah loves all things fashion and interior decor related. Her videos are minimalistic and very soothing to watch. In the video above, Seung Ah and her husband and actor Kim Mu Yeol chat about how they’ve met, what their married life is like and more.

Eun Ji Won

YouTube channel: G-ZONE

Eun Ji Won, a rapper, singer and show host, loves to play games! His gaming YouTube channel G-Zone shares recordings of him playing “Among Us,” “World of Warcraft” and more.

Girls’ Generation Im Yoon Ah

YouTube channel: Yoona’s So Wonderful Day

Yoona of Girls’ Generation has a YouTube channel, but it’s not updated regularly. In her most popular video, she cuts her own hair for the first time.

Lee So Ra

Not a lot of you would know Lee So Ra, a popular South Korean model from the 1990s who hosts a radio show now. On her channel So Ra shares supermodel’s tips and tricks, mostly about diet and fitness.

YouTube channel: Lee Sora TV

Korean Celebrity YouTubers with 1,000~100K Subscribers

Apink Namjoo

YouTube channel: Nam Joo’s Three Meals

The Apink member Namjoo loves to eat! Namjoo’s YouTube, called “Three Meals,” is a non-stop mukbang channel.

Infinite L (Kim Myung Soo)

YouTube channel: Myung Myung Tube

Infinite L‘s YouTube videos are all about the fans! He reads fan letters and shares behind the scenes of fan meetings and magazine photoshoots. It also seems from his videos that he loves to go camping.

Girl’s Day Minah

YouTube channel: Minah

The Girl’s Day member Minah shares her adventures out and about in Seoul, mostly related to fashion.

Brown Eyed Girls JeA (Kim Hyo Jin)

YouTube channel: Jeaworld

JeA, an idol pop star for 14 years, mostly shares covers of Korean and American pop songs. Her most popular video is a cover of “Speechless” from the 2019 movie “Aladdin.”

Subscriber Count Set to Private

Park Seo Joon

YouTube channel: Record PARK’s

We love actor Park Seo Joon‘s YouTube channel, because we can literally get a glimpse of his everyday life. Watch his personality shine behind the scenes of “Itaewon Class” filming scenes, awards shows and more. Seo Joon takes a white bichon frise named Simba everywhere with him, and we envy their bond.

Ji Chang Wook

YouTube channel: Ji Chang Wook

The handsome Korean actor Ji Chang Wook shares vlogs of his work trips, where he camps, surfs and rides a motorcycle. His cover of “When Love Passes by” of the rom-com “Melting Me Softly” is worth checking out.

Chungha (I.O.I)

YouTube channel: CHUNG HA_Official

Idol star Chungha’s dance practice videos are not only a fun way to learn her choreography, but makes you realize how much time and effort goes into her charismatic on-stage performances.

VIXX N (Cha Hak Yeon)

YouTube channel: achahakyeon | Today’s Record

Singer N (Hakyeon) recollects his days, travels and childhood in a series of calm, soothing videos. It’s obvious that N is into filmography, because his videos are of exceptional quality.

Chef Baek Jong Won

YouTube channel: Paik’s Cuisine

Chef Baek Jong Won may not be a household name in K-pop or K-drama, but he is the most popular Korean celebrity when it comes to food. With over 4 million subscribers, he has a knack for creating simple and delicious recipes, whether it’s an easy street food like ddukbokki or a serious dish like galbi-jjim. Follow Chef Baek Jong Won if you’re a foodie.

YouTube Originals series “Creator Spotlight.” The documentary delivers the story of Paik Jong Won who turned to YouTube and the real world to share his version of authentic and approachable Korean recipes and himself to the global audience. It premiered in December 2020.

Entertainment Agencies

Our last tip is to follow entertainment agencies to access exclusive content starring your favorite actors! Here’s a short vlog starring actor Song Kang on Namoo Actors’ YouTube channel.

Which Korean celebrity YouTube channels are you currently subscribed to? And which celebrity YouTubers are your favorites? Tell us below!